AMN promises to work closely with your practice to secure you the best offer.


Our Approach

AMN will utilize our strategy that has proven to be successful for our other physicians. We will perform the following for the contract in review.

Commence negotiations on behalf of the client with the payor.
Aggressively negotiate to establish favorable new rates for the current and future years. Ensure that minimum annual escalation clauses are included.
Discuss the best offer from the payor and proposed counter offer.
Forward for signature, a finalized contract or rate sheet that we believe to be the best attainable rates.
Follow up to guarantee that the payor has loaded the new contract rates.
Verification with the client that they are receiving the new reimbursement rates as of the effective date of the contract.

AMN communicates with our clients periodically to review progress to date.  We provide intermittent development reports, additional insights and recommendations as well.