Frequently Asked Questions

What does AMN do?
AMN engages in aggressive negotiations as the representative of the physician group with payor insurance companies.

How can AMN help my group practice?
AMN will empower your practice with more favorable rates and fee schedules, expand contracted services and ascertain enhanced contractual terms.

Why shouldn’t we just negotiate ourselves?
Our experience has increased reimbursement rates from 11% to 49%. Your staff is over worked and does not possess the experience of our firm.

How can AMN increase our revenue?
AMN will aggressively negotiate using proven strategies, which have significantly improved revenue for numerous payor contracts. Our established techniques have increased one physician group’s revenue over $650,000 the first year and an amazing $850,000 for the second year.

How does AMN negotiate a better deal? What is your advantage?
AMN uses proven result oriented renegotiation approaches. Our advantage is our industry expertise and experience which has produced positive consequences.

What does AMN not provide?
AMN is not a billing company. We offer a unique solution to improving your practice income.