AMN knows the importance of healthcare and increased income.




About Us


AMN, a privately held firm founded by M J Butera, has been providing physician solutions since 1995. Our firm offers clients a unique combination of experience in the area of payor negotiation and practice management with proven strategies for revenue enhancements.

AMN is prepared to analyze and negotiate on your behalf. Significant amounts of time and effort are required to accurately and completely review a contract, provide a counter offer, make a case to strengthen your position, and then prepare for negotiations and follow-up. Our vital services enable you to focus on what you do best--provide optimal health care to your patients. You are free to concentrate on your patients instead of struggling to review a contract between operating room procedures or office visits or hold hasty conversations with payors’ provider representatives.

Time spent on negotiating a contract and not on providing care is lost income. An outside negotiator shows just how committed you are to a contractual relationship but not at the risk of losing income.